Counselling or Psychotherapy is a ‘Talking Therapy’ and works beneficially for clients on many different levels. It has been found to alleviate many distressing symptoms including depression, anxiety, sleep disturbance, panic attacks, stress, and feelings of low self-worth.

Being really listened to, heard and understood in a safe, confidential setting with empathy and without judgement is a powerful and unique experience.

Your space alone

Counselling is unlike normal conversation, as there is no 'turn-taking' involved. You don't need to hold back negative thoughts for fear of causing offence or ‘being a burden’. Thus the focus is completely on your story. This frees you, allowing your story to unravel naturally without diversion. The space is solely for you. As you talk, your thoughts can follow an uninterrupted flow and delve deeper. This process allows time for deeper reflection. You decide the pace and stop for reflection when you need to.

Discovering repeating patterns

Psychotherapy explores possible repeating patterns which, developed in childhood, are laid down like a blueprint in your brain. You can revisit these early impressions and consider how they may have impacted on your experiences in later life.

Low self-esteem and feelings of low self-worth can be addressed. Self-critical voices in the mind can be understood and reduced, helping to relieve feelings of being burdened, depressed, guilty or inadequate.

All our minds use protective defence mechanisms, but sometimes these are overused, making us feel unnecessarily anxious. Counselling can help to identify and reduce these difficult feelings.

Long term change and growth

Counselling can offer more than help with one difficult event in your life. It can bring about positive changes in how you approach your life, how you project yourself and how you feel about yourself; changes that can remain with you in the long term.

Counselling is a way to find out more about yourself; why you think, feel, respond and relate as you do. Thus, it can be used for self-development and self-analysis. In short, counselling offers you a window to your own mind and allows you the experience of exploring your unique self and your unique human experience. What object of study could be more fascinating?

Your mental M.O.T.

Counselling offers a vitally important mental service. Just as a car needs to be serviced, so counselling can address years of your mind's knocks and dents allowing it to run more smoothly and more efficiently. Clearing out the clutter of years of childhood labels, false preconceptions, and wrongful blame or guilt can make room for feelings of empowerment, freedom, confidence and happiness.

Taking care of the emotional side of our mind is just as important as looking after the intellectual side of our mind and our body. It is easy to forget about this powerful part of our mind, but it really benefits us to look after our emotional world. Clients have described being able to shed a heavy burden or dispel a black cloud they've been living under.